Business Licenses

Do You Need A License?

The following businesses, activities, and occupations need a business license to conduct business in the City of Great Bend:

  • Mechanical certificates*
  • Merchant police service
  • Oil and gas well drilling
  • Plumbing certificates*
  • Recycling centers and mobile recycling points
  • Septic tank truck operators
  • Sidewalk dining license
  • Solicitors
  • Taxicabs
  • Tree and shrub trimmers and treaters
* Building contractors, electrical certificates, mechanical certificates and plumbing certificates are issued by the Building Inspection Department.  See Building Inspections for more information or contact their office at (620) 793-4106.

Requesting a License

When considering a business in Great Bend, it is best to speak with the Director of Finance Shawna Schafer or Deputy City Clerk Alison Urban who can explain the type of license you require and requirements necessary for it. Contact the Finance office at (620) 793-4111.

Many times it appears everything is in order. However, there may be additional issues that get overlooked such as zoning, fire code, etc.

Licenses & Regulations

Business licenses and regulations are covered under Title 5, of the City of Great Bend Code of Ordinances.