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Posted on: March 1, 2020

Flood Control Levee

Flood Controll

In 1983, the City, in cooperation with the Federal Government, began the construction of the flood control project.  The 13-mile long levee of dirt covered sand was designed to prevent Great Bend from flooding.  It took nearly 10-years and $45Million to build. However, if we learned anything from 2019, it is the fact that it was worth it.

The levee requires a significant amount of work on the part of the City staff to maintain it.  That work includes mowing, which by-the-way is both sides of the levee. So that is 26-miles of mowing, cutting trees, dirt work, fixing fences, repairing erosion, cleaning structures, and greasing and repairing lift gates.

As the levee is such a vital asset and maintaining it is so very crucial to its effectiveness, it is critically important that we as citizens do our part to help protect it.  That starts with not driving vehicles, UTVs, dirt bikes etc. on the levee.  First of all, people are damaging fencing to get vehicles onto the levee and down to the river. Those repairs are very time consuming and expensive.  Most importantly though, the vehicles tear up the grass. That in itself doesn’t sound too dramatic.  However, remember it is dirt covered sand. The grass holds the dirt in place making it literally the only thing protecting the levee’s integrity.  No grass = No dirt = No levee.

The City needs your help.  If you see someone doing damage to the flood control, then please notify police. Help us protect this vital piece of our community.

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