Can I schedule a visit to the fire station?
Yes, station tours can be scheduled by contacting us at 620-793-4140. See our Community page for more information on station tours and other community involvement activities.

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1. Why may a fire truck and police officer come when I call for an ambulance?
2. Why are fire trucks used to block lanes on the highway when there is an emergency?
3. How do I report a leaking or broken fire hydrant?
4. Can I schedule a visit to the fire station?
5. Does the Fire Department inspect child car seats?
6. What are the requirements to become a firefighter/EMT with the Great Bend Fire Department?
7. Can the Great Bend Fire Department unlock my car if I leave the keys inside?
8. Does the Fire Department fill private pools with water?
9. Can the Fire Department come out and change the batteries in my smoke detector?
10. Does the Fire Department provide both fire and ambulance service?