What steps do I have to follow to get a property rezoned?
To rezone a property an individual must start by completing an application for rezoning. There are two separate applications depending on whether the property is located in the Great Bend city limits or in the three-mile extra-territorial zoning authority around Great Bend. There is a fee associated with these applications.

The applicant must also submit a Certificate of Ownership provided by a qualified title company that lists the owners of record within 200 foot radius (for properties in Great Bend) and 1,000 foot radius (for properties in the three-mile radius) around the subject property. This certificate of ownership is used to notify nearby property owners of the proposed change in zoning. The City of Great Bend must abide by state statutes that requires certain public and private notifications which in turn makes it essential for us to have a completed application and certificate of ownership data no less than 22 days in advance of a public hearing which is held during the Planning Commission meeting which regularly falls on the last Tuesday of each month.

The process for a conditional use permit is the same as it is for a zoning request.

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1. What steps do I have to follow to get a property rezoned?
2. How long does it take to get a property rezoned or receive a conditional use permit?
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