How long does it take to get a property rezoned or receive a conditional use permit?
Overall the process of rezoning or getting a conditional use permit generally will take approximately two months. This of course depends on a number of factors including but not limited to:
  • Timing of submittal of applications and certificates of ownership (both must be in our possession 22 day in advance of the Planning Commission meeting
  • Action taken by either the Planning Commission or the City Council; and
  • Any protest petitions filed or legal action taken by adjacent land owners to block the change
20 days prior to the required public hearing a notice must be placed in the official city newspaper and a notification letter must be sent to adjacent property owners (those within 200 feet in the City and those within 1,000 feet in the three-mile radius).

The public hearing is held at the Great Bend Planning Commission Meeting which regularly meets the last Tuesday of each month. The Planning Commission will make their recommendation at the meeting. Following the planning commission recommendation there is a required 14 day period in which individuals can file a protest petition against the request.

After the Planning Commission makes their recommendation and the 14 day waiting period expires the item goes to the Great Bend City Council for their decision. Generally the item will be placed on the council agenda for the third Monday of the month following the public hearing. When the Great Bend City Council hears the request they have three choices: approve the recommendation of the Planning Commission, deny the recommendation of the Planning commission, or send the item back to Planning Commission for further discussion or review.

If they send it back for further discussion to the Planning Commission it will be placed on the next Planning Commission agenda and then returned to City Council on the next regular meeting following the return to the Planning Commission. If the City Council approves the item, it becomes official upon both signature and publication of the ordinance or resolution in the official city newspaper.

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