New or Updated Ordinances

Cereal Malt Beverages License Update to 6% for City of Great Bend


City Administration is responsible for executing the programs and policies set by the Mayor and Great Bend City Council.

The City Administrator is also responsible for:

  • Coordinating the duties of the administrative officers and their employees to provide for the most efficient operations of the City
  • Preparing and recommending an annual budget for all funds of the City
  • Monitoring the expenditures of all departments to ensure compliance with the adopted budget and capital improvement project and auditing all claims prior to submission to the governing body
  • Acting as a liaison with citizens, businesses, community organizations, and government agencies and communicating with key constituents including citizens, employees, and the media
  • Investigating all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration of the government of the City and its services
  • Overseeing all personnel functions for the City
  • Coordinating intergovernmental relations
  • Monitoring state and federal legislation and assuring City compliance with national and state laws
  • Researching and pursuing applicable state and federal funding opportunities
  • Conducting and coordinating policy research
  • Investigating city planning issues and make necessary recommendation to City Planning Commission and City Council
  • Coordinating economic development efforts for the City

Contact Information

For additional information please contact a member of the Administration Staff.

Please Note: Offices are closed during the noon hour for lunch.