City Administration is responsible for executing the programs and policies set by the Mayor and Great Bend City Council.

The City Administrator is also responsible for:

  • Coordinating the duties of the administrative officers and their employees to provide for the most efficient operations of the City
  • Preparing and recommending an annual budget for all funds of the City
  • Monitoring the expenditures of all departments to ensure compliance with the adopted budget and capital improvement project and auditing all claims prior to submission to the governing body
  • Acting as a liaison with citizens, businesses, community organizations, and government agencies and communicating with key constituents including citizens, employees, and the media
  • Investigating all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration of the government of the City and its services
  • Overseeing all personnel functions for the City
  • Coordinating intergovernmental relations
  • Monitoring state and federal legislation and assuring City compliance with national and state laws
  • Researching and pursuing applicable state and federal funding opportunities
  • Conducting and coordinating policy research
  • Investigating city planning issues and make necessary recommendation to City Planning Commission and City Council
  • Coordinating economic development efforts for the City

Contact Information

For additional information please contact a member of the Administration Staff.

Please Note: Offices are closed during the noon hour for lunch.