Meeting Rooms

Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall provides an excellent resource for seminars and training opportunities. The capacity of the room is approximately 35 people. The Lecture Hall is arranged in a theatre style setting, and contains some of the most modern technology that is available. Users can utilize our computer equipment to make presentations or they can be directly linked to their own laptops.

Wireless internet service is available, as well as projection equipment and screens. A polycom system is also available if conference calls are necessary. Cable access is accessible, as well as the ability to show both VCR tapes and DVDs.

Lecture Hall
Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms A & B

One large conventional meeting room is available for use with the ability to separate the room by a partition. The total capacity for the room is approximately 40 people. Tables and chairs are available for use by participants.

Wireless internet is provided, but participants will need to utilize their own projectors and screens if they are interested in making presentations. A television with a DVD player is available for use if needed.

Scheduling Of Rooms

To check the availability schedule for the rooms, please call (620) 793-4111. Rooms are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.