Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Great Bend Fire Department provides EMS, rescue and transport services to the City of Great Bend, six townships, City of Albert and City of Pawnee Rock. The total population served by the Great Bend Fire Department is 20,000. Our department has an average response time of 3 ½ minutes in the City and eight minutes in the county.

The Great Bend Fire Department staffs two first out ambulances with Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities that provide treatment and transport for medical emergencies to hospitals in Great Bend and neighboring communities. Our department currently has 12 Paramedics, 6 AEMTs and 11 EMT. The EMS service is tasked with the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide advanced and basic life support services for our citizens
  • Record and compile data generated by EMS incidents through patient care reports
  • Coordinate medical education and training
  • Meet certification standards required by the state
  • Provide cutting edge pre-hospital delivery of patient care