Fire Suppression

The Great Bend Fire Department responds to fire emergencies within the City of Great Bend and the four surrounding townships, Buffalo, Liberty, South Bend and Great Bend in an effort to protect the lives and property of the residents from the destructiveness of fires. All fire personnel are highly trained in the latest firefighting techniques to provide the area with structural, vehicle and wild land firefighting services.

The Great Bend Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with surrounding communities in order to provide and receive assistance when large or multiple emergencies exceed our capacity.

The Great Bend Fire Department has Thermal Imaging Cameras on all of the front line fire apparatus. These cameras are readily available on each unit and are taken in on all structure fires to search for victims. These instruments are important to a firefighters job because they allow firefighters to do the following:

  • Conduct search and rescue in wooden areas or water
  • Find hidden fires in walls
  • Find hot appliances
  • Complete faster searches for victims in structures

All fire personnel are also Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in order to provide both fire and EMS care as situations may require.