Burn Permit Policy

No open burning is allowed in the City of Great Bend. The only exception is the use of a barbeque grill or an appliance designed for such use when approved materials are being burned. More information can be obtained by viewing our Fire Pit Safety Guidelines (PDF) or by contacting Fire Inspector Orth at 620-793-4140.

Burn Permits

Burning is allowed in the county once a permit is obtained from the fire department serving the district where the burning will take place. Once a burn permit has been issued applicants are required to notify communications and consider conditions and other factors that may limit or prevent burning at that time.

Dena Popp, 911 Director, provides a list of the County’s Fire Chief’s on the Communications page of the County’s website. Citizens looking for more information may contact their area fire department or contact Communications Administration at 620-793-1920.

Burn Bans/Restrictions

Circumstances may arise (i.e. extremely dry conditions, high fire danger alert, etc.) that place restrictions and bans on open burning in the county. These restrictions and burn bans go into effect once a declaration has been made by the County Commissioners and they remain in effect until deemed safe by the County Commissioners. Inquiries into active restrictions and burn bans can be made to the fire department serving the area where the burning will take place. During times of restrictions and bans special permits can be issued for agricultural burning.                             

Additional Resources

Barton County Resolution (PDF)
Barton County Fire Districts (PDF)                                                                                                                                            Barton County Fire Chiefs (PDF)                                                                                                                                              State Regulations (PDF)